What keeps you awake at night?

Personal issues:

You’ve just started in a new role, a new business, a new country?

You’ve just been promoted, you’re managing people for the first time?

You’ve just been promoted and you’re managing managers for the first time?

You’ve just missed out on a promotion?

There’s a reorganisation / takeover / merger / acquisition going on?

You’ve lost your mojo?

There’s a lot going on?

You’re not playing to your strengths?

Organisational Issues

You are going to lose your valuable top performers – the ones that deliver 2 to 4 times the value of your average ones?

You’ve hired a new manager / leader and they need to get productive fast?

You have some people in your leadership pipeline that are navigating critical career passages?

Some high potential people that need additional support?

Reorganisation / merger / acquisition – destabilising event(s)?

Great team but too much groupthink going on?

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